A Post That I Almost Forgot//BEDF 28

I literally almost forgot about this post tonight. I am not in a good mood today, for the whole day, not only because I did not get a nice grade in both the exam and take home test(I mean, I did fine), but also because the weather is not nice enough.

Since Sunday, the weather here has not been nice. It’s hotter than usual. My host family said that it usually won’t get this hot. Today, my host brother said another word other than Salut: C’est trop chaud.

I took two showers today and felt like dead. I could not fall asleep yesterday and woke up several times in the middle of the night. I felt awful today and tonight’s gonna be the same situation.

Right now I sat on my bed, feeling the warmth of my bed. How am I going to fall asleep? God damn it, my family was playing loud music in the living room. Are you kidding me? Loud music in the hottest day? In case you don’t know, the highest temperature today/tomorrow/wednesday is supposed to be 97+. If you use Celsius, that’s 37. How am I gonna survive under such weather.

Okay, so the hottest I’ve ever experienced in Rochester might be 98, probably just 95. But at least we have fans. This is an interesting thing. Are french people afraid of heat?

So, in my host family, there’s neither air conditioning nor fans. They just live with it when it’s hot. My hometown, is usually this temperature in the summer(exactly why I don’t go out often). Sometimes it could be higher. But we have AC at home. I could just stay at home with AC on. There’s no problem doing any kind of work.

In Rochester, during days that are very hot. We turned the fans on. The blowing wind makes it much better and since Rochester is a dry place. I have no trouble during sleep with the fan on.

But here, in Rennes, with my hometown’s level of humidity(Zhenjiang is a very humid place), plus that kind of temperature, with no fans or ac, how can I survive? This is one other reason I would not want to live in France.

One night, I got woken up by heat and did not fall asleep till I changed the pajama and opened the window. Why don’t I opened the window in the first place? Good question. French people do not have shades. Every kind of bugs can enter into my room. I am a huge bug-hater. I would not be able to survive with any kind of bugs.

Those are just some random thoughts for today. I have nothing special to post except the weather and the potluck we have in IFA. Tomorrow we are going to Normandy, and I will definitely take some pictures and put them up. See you guys tomorrow!


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