Avoiding a “canicule” in Rennes by Enjoying Normandie//BEDF 29

Canicule, a french word, means “heat wave” in English. Our professor taught us this on our way to Caen, a city in the Normandie area. We left Rennes this morning to do a two-day excursion in Normandie area for cultural experience. It was 96 degrees(36 in celsius) in Rennes, and according to my weather forecast, it felt like 101 degrees(38 in celsius). During the entire year I had in Rochester, the highest temperature I’ve ever had is probably 95/98 degrees(I could not remember which one’s the one) and that day was awful. Plus, the sun won’t go down after 10pm in France and the temperature is still around 90 by the day I go to bed(10:30pm). What does that mean? The simplest way to explain is that this morning when we met at the institute, we were all dreaded by the heat. I could not fall asleep and when I did, I woke up in the middle of a night for more than 1 hour. My friends lay on the ground and woke up three times last night because of the heat. In the end, I have to open the door to keep the air circulated and it took me a while to fall asleep.

Speaking of Normandie, many of you might have heard about this place in history books. It’s quite an important place in WWII. The great Omaha beach is where one of the biggest battles took place. Normandie Landing is how people usually call them.

the line between sea and sky is vague to the right degree
Scenery from the shore is nice

The two pictures above are not actually taken in the Omaha beach. That is another beach related to WWII. I saw the German shelter underground. The shelter does not look like a tidy and neat place. Being around the sea is very nice. When you see it and feel the breeze, you wouldn’t think about what once happened on this beach.

After that, we went to the American Cemetery in WWII. The cemetery looks nice and neat. Lots of families chose to bury the dead home so the people who buried here are actually only less than 1/3 of the actual number of death.

There’re ceremonies here every day to memorize the american soldiers. 
One pictures tell you about WWII.

Not a history fan, I did feel something out of this trip. I really appreciate the way people learn and pass down the knowledge of the war. As you might now, WWII basically determines the current world situation. It was such an important part of the progress of humanity. It was a devastation for a lot of countries but it benefited the humanity as a whole. How are we suppose to deal with difficulties among countries if you’ve never experienced one. We were talking about how the relationship of France and Germany gets so good right now while they were strong enemies back to the WWII time. I guess after that, people learn from their mistakes and try to make everyone better. They made the world great again.

Also, we were talking about the German way of repenting the WWII. All the kids in Germany have to learn about WWII stuff. It was a shame on them but just because it was such a huge mistake that people need to prevent themselves from doing this again. The humanity cannot afford another war like WWII.

Compared with Germany’s attitude towards the war, the other country’s standpoint towards the Nanking massacre seems really stupid and childish. That’s their first step to failure. I don’t want to talk too much about that since all of you know what I am talking about. We had a lot of conversations about this in high school as well. I guess we just don’t make friends with stupid government.

Another Beach near Omaha

We went to another place closer to Caen to have lunch and enjoy the scenery. The weather forecast told me it was 78 degrees but it really felt like 87 degrees. But it was way better than Rennes, where it felt like 101 degrees. Hahaha

I am avoiding a canicule but I am also experiencing another one in another city. France is just experiencing huge heat waves right now. Won’t shock me if someone died out of lack of sleep during the week. Because if I am here for a month under this weather without a fan or AC, I am definitely gonna freak out and die.

In the end, let’s do the food pictures.

Delicious mussels my friend ordered. Advice: do not eat the closed ones. 
Fish soup with cheese and whatever sauce that is. It is good. C’est bon! 

The hotel we stayed in Caen is really nice. It has AC in all rooms and it is such a clean place. We ate a nice dinner and we can have a nice sleep tonight because it’s not hot!

Alright, I know it’s very late but I did finish it before midnight. I did not miss a post. Not even about to forget. I guess heat makes me stupider like yesterday when I forgot to post, almost. Also, after this, there’re only three posts left in this project. I don’t want to end this but that’s it for France trip. Thanks guys for reading!

See you tomorrow!


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