Remember the History And the Heat//BEDF 30

How much do you remember about WWII? History is a required course in middle school and high school in China. Every one is asked to recite those important dates and events happened in China back then. We need to remember the significance of each of the events. But after you finished the test, how much of that history do you still remember?

At least, I forgot most of them. For the sake of my dad, who is a huge history fan, I took almost 100 pictures in the WWII memorial in Caen today. I took my time to read most of the scripts and actually found them interesting. I paid extra attention to the part of sino-japonese war because that’s the part I am most familiar with and that’s most related to me.

outside the memorial are a bunch of flags.
france and EU

The memorial is huge and it recorded the whole history of WWII, from the consequences of WWI to the post WWII effect. It’s quite interesting to see it in person instead of reading it from a textbook. Every little incident was presented and subtitled. It displayed a lot of pictures taken back then. It felt so real when I saw the black-white photos.

It’s very different from reading a textbook. When you read a textbook, you are reading words, only. You might be able to see a couple pictures. But with the actual objects from that time and the video tapes of the war, I am in shock.

after nanking massacre, families cry for the innocent and the dead. 
japanese troupes took over 
bombing in Shanghai 

Nanking massacre is one of the most memorable events we had in that period. Every chinese have to learn and remember that. My hometown is 30 minutes from Nanking by train. I have no idea how terrified the people in my hometown got when they heard about the Nanking massacre. I would be terrified to death if I were there at that time.

nazi symbol
orange part was controlled by german government, white part was still liberal at that time
the symbol german created to represent jews.  
actual stuff from back then
general de gaulle on the times magazine 
See the marine battlefield from a real way
the kind of gun soldiers used in WWII

Like I said, it’s very different when you see those stuff in person. You really do feel like humankind has gone through a lot to have today and we must go through a lot to have future.



Caen, the city, was mostly destroyed during WWII. It was a really clean city and it’s hard to imagine almost all the buildings were reconstructed after WWII. There were a few buildings that seem very old and possibly are remnants from WWII. They have the marks of time and experience.

If you are traveling in Europe and want to learn more instead of just having fun, I would recommend this place.

Once again, it’s almost midnight when I finish the post. I’ve been posting late for a long time but I did that for a reason. I, indeed, do not want to go to bed right now even though usually I would be wide asleep at this time. It is way too hot in my room right now and I am actually still trying to figure out how will I sleep tonight, by which, I mean where can I sleep, on the bed or on the ground. I am more prone to the latter.

Tomorrow is the last day of class and all of the homework will be due. I am so stressed out about my grade on this program. Anyway, I believe that I would, in no way, land an A since I am so bad at all the stuff we learned. I am not a history fan, never a religion fan. I am sort of a hater for both. I have no idea how I ended up coming here and at least I know one thing now, that’s do not take any culture-related course ever again. It’s interesting how I felt about Second World War but whenever I turn to my questionnaire, I would put it away. Anyway, this program is very almost over and I will be on my way back to Rochester Friday.

And aside from this post, I have two more posts left in this project. This is a really nice and stressed month for me in wordpress since I have to blog every day. It took a lot of time. I need to find things to write about since you know, most of time I don’t have a topic. I want to ramble along sometimes but I have to make sure it was not too overwhelming for people who just looked around.

I hope there were some high-quality posts that are useful for you. And after this, I think I am doing a sophomore insight series post in summer, featuring probably 10 advice from me for incoming freshmen. Inspired by a blogger, I would actually do a 30-day challenge but I won’t tell you what I will do haha. I will keep that to myself.

Also, this is my first day staying up late intentionally to finish up my homework and blog, for the purpose of cooling down my room.

See you guys tomorrow for the last post in Rennes!


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