End of A Journey Starts Another One//BEDF 31

Today I pack, tomorrow I leave.

We had our last class in Rennes this morning. We ate our last meal in the Rest U. I took my last bus ride on C2. I ate my last dinner with my host family and took my last shower in Rennes. Tomorrow at this time, I would be on the plane back to Rochester.

Recapping the whole trip in France, we had our moments of joy but also sadness. We played hard, worked hard, and enjoyed France well. This is such a nice program that we all benefit a lot from. If asked what is the most memorable thing happened during the trip, I would not be able to think of one because there were too many!

To be honest, I did not work as hard as I should during my time in Rennes. I mostly did a lot of math and did a lot of sudoku. Since I was blogging every day, I had to spare an hour to compose the post. My host family is very nice only if they can have better breakfast. I had my struggles, unhappiness, homesickness but all of that will be over. I am returning to Rochester tomorrow!

What a funny thing it is. Last year, I left home and arrived in Rochester on June 23rd, around 10pm. Tomorrow, I am leaving Rennes, only to return to Rochester on June 23rd, around 10pm. Last year was going, this year was returning. Last year was going to an adventure, this year will be returning from an adventure.

How could a year change a person?

I don’t know. I’ve been through a lot alone but I don’t think that changed me a lot. I still look like a child but not an adult. I still turn to my parents when I have problems, mostly multiple-choice questions. I am always busy. I am always behind my parents’ hour. Imaging this winter when I went back home, it would be my liberation because I literally do not need to take care of anything at home. I can do whatever I want. I can watch my tv shows live.

I am kind of afraid of that because once I am in a comfort zone, it sucks to go out.

Rochester is my second home right now since I am familiar with everything on campus and some places off campus. Also because I will have unlimited data again for the sake of  my phone plan. Hopefully they renewed on their own so that I don’t need to worry lol.

Back to this trip. I am so glad that I chose to come. I’ve been looking at this program since last summer. In the academic open house, I went there and ask professor Rosensweig, who, at that time, was new on the position, about this Rennes program. I would like to know about the date of this program because I would want to determine my summer plans. She had no idea what I was talking about and simply gave me the email of professor kemejio. But turns out she’s the one who’s taking us here in France. Now that I remember, in the Global fair in October, I asked a person about the date of the program. Thinking about the strong accent, I am pretty sure the one who told me about the date information is Kemejio. Wow!

I still remember the thing I listed to do for college. One is studying abroad in Rennes this summer, another one is to pass the exam p in sophomore year. I finished both of them and one of them in advance. I can’t believe that I actually carried out my plan and remembered about this program throughout my freshman year. I am proud of myself.

Being able to experience french culture, whether that’s reasonable or not, and expose myself to french all day long really helped me. I don’t what’s the exact effect on me but I am definitely a slightly different person than when I came here. I would definitely make sure I won’t lose my kindle and earbuds again. Those are my babies and that day was the worst day in May.

Tomorrow, I am returning so I will post after I arrive in Rochester, which is definitely after 4pm. Now I discover that even if you’re reading my post in US. My post is still posted on the same day I post them in France since the time different is only 6 hours and there’s no way I would blog before 6am haha. See you guys tomorrow for the very last post of Blogging Every Day in France. and yes, i am really bad at random rambling.

also, i will do a series of sophomore insight post during summer. stay tuned!


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