You ready to fight for 6 weeks?


You ready to fight for 6 weeks? I’ve been asking myself this question ever since I got back. France has been too nice to give me any pressure. Even though I had homework and tests, I was in a break mode. It’s been a great month with joy and struggle. I’m sure you guys can tell from the 32 blog posts.

Where have I been this past week? Actually, I’ve been busier than I expected to make time posting. I definitely watched less youtube and did more work than last month. Fourth of July, Independence day, no class and not suppose to work, I have the day off. I finally convinced myself to put down physics for a while but sit and write a blog.

I missed it so much! 

My last blog was last Monday, which is the time I started studying and working after I got back from France. Life’s been much better after I regained the control over my life. I cook for myself every day. I try different recipes every day and most of them turned out well. A picky eater, I created my own recipes based on the limited types of vegetables. The fact that I don’t have declinings stops me from going to the pit to get desserts. I switched my gym hours cuz it’s too hot in the summer to not take a shower after workout. Oh man, things start coming back on track.

At the same time, I am worried. I am taking physics: electricity and magnetism this summer, which is PHY 122. To be honest, ever since I finished AP mechanics, I did not want to and, in fact, did not touch even a teeny weeny bit of physics. I’ve stayed away from Physics for more than two years, which is due to my hatred towards it. I still remember when I started to get lost in the mechanics class and why I hated it. It was the last big thing in AP mechanics and ever since that, I just do my own things in physics class.

This morning, I listed the days of the summer session and circles important dates of exams, homework deadlines and lab/wkps. I have only 42 days left in summer sessions including today. 12 out of 42 days are weekends. And I only have 22 lectures left with 6 labs and 6 lectures. The days to the end are countable and it’s equinumerous to the days to my survival. If someone tells you that suffer through these 6 days, you are going to be a fellow or your favorite star will release her new album, it’s a good thing. 42 days can be very short or very long depending on how I perceive it.

The unknown berries remind me of last year’s summer immersion. 

These two days, I did not study for Math at all. I was busy watching youtube videos on physics and reading the textbook. I’ve found that most textbooks tend make materials more abstract and harder to understand. Probability, Physics, Linear Algebra and Financial Mathematics. Those youtube tutoring videos were super helpful for me! I’ve found that hearing someone explaining them to me, even though the exact same stuff, makes the material much clearer than simply reading them off the page. huh, now that reminds of what I can do. Next time a person asks me how to do good in a course, I will tell them just watch the youtube videos and go to the lectures.

The best part of last week has definitely been starting off the volunteering work as an ISM. Every morning after I woke up, the first thing I’ll check on my phone is that has any mentee sent me an email or message during the night? I can’t wait to meet all of them and welcome the class of 2021(now it sounds like I am getting paid by the school to include this in my blog). They are all very nice and kind to reply my email and friend in Facebook and WeChat. So blessed to be an ISM.

Suddenly, I don’t know what to write. There are so many things that I am thankful for and there are so many things that I can’t wait to experience. All I wanna say to myself a year ago is that you made the right decision coming to this school and coming here early.

Lastly, I decide to put up the pictures of my cuisines here in a slide. They may not look very good or taste very good but as long as they don’t kill me(I’m sure they won’t), I am happy with my work. There’s a lot of space to improve in cooking and I am working on it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You ready to fight for six weeks? If my food is ready, I am.

Then, let’s face it and fight it!

Summer 2017 declaration on fourth of July.

About sophomore insight, I don’t actually think I am gonna write posts about advice to freshmen. It’s a bit weird to write them in my blogs which none of my mentees could ever find. Also, since I’ve only been here for a year, my advice will mostly likely be biased and unedited. But I will come up with something else that’s interesting to post about on a regular basis. Maybe I will do some book reviews, maybe I won’t.

See you guys next time.


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