Not Everyone Can Afford A Sleepless Night

Yesterday, I moved. This summer has been crazy for me, not in a sense of not happy but in a sense of busy and enriched living. Moving was tough not only physically but also emotionally. My summer room is so far by my favorite room among the three I had lived in. I imagined the vicinity of bathroom and kitchen so that I can go use them whenever I want and I really had it.

But I am not here to talk about how the location of my summer dorm fascinated me. I am here to talk about the things that made everyone unhappy during summer. Why would I talk about something that’s so negative? Just read.

One thing that’s very different about Sue B and Freshman Quad is that the layout of each floor in sue b is much clearer than that in the quad. Every floor in sue b has two lounges at the crosspoint of four halls. People hang out there. Once you’re in the hallways, it becomes very cramped and nobody would ever hang out there, except hall mates. However, in quad, everything seems to have more space. So as a result, people hang out everywhere.

There were people kicking a basketball, playing music and talking out loud in the hallway on a Thursday night. 

Remember, it’s not during the school year when a lot of people don’t have early classes on Fridays. People have work & NOT EVERYONE CAN AFFORD A SLEEPLESS NIGHT. 

I don’t recall how many times I was up a bit later than I should be and then I heard the noise in the hallway through the thin door. They talk on your doorway. They talk for 10 mins. They laugh. Worst thing of all, they take it for granted. It’s their rights to talk, right? Yeah, it is. What can I say? What can we say?

There were at least two times that a party was taken place a few doors down my room. From my room, I can hear the loud music playing, the buzz, the noise and the excitement inside that door. One time, I was in bed late, probably close to 11pm. It usually takes me a while to fall asleep and that night, I heard my RA knocking on their door, calling reslife. It was surely over 11pm and next day was a weekday. People who work in summer usually have to get up really early and a good night’s sleep is absolutely the most important thing to be able to work 8 hours straight. They weren’t listening when my RA told them to lower the volume. In my memory, they talked for like 10 mins and at first I thought they switched the topic to something else but I kept hearing them using the word “level.” I knew I wasn’t wrong. They were arguing about that.

What’s to argue about? Apparently, those guys think they deserve what they want and no matter how it would affect other people’s life, they want to carry on enjoying their night. (Probably drinking also but I think some of them are definitely over 21.) Their voice arguing kept me awake for a while.

The other day, before the partying thing, people were talking right outside my door. An African American woman with some friend. I don’t know what they were talking about but that bothered me. The thing about me is that once I am asleep, it’s hard to wake me up. But I need a quiet environment to fall asleep.

That’s when I start to think about how many of these partying things have happened on nights that i went to bed early? 

The night before I move, I stayed up late mainly because I was watching some clips from a tv show. A minute, maybe two mins after I went to bed, a group of guys got back from outside and were kicking basketball, playing music and talking out loud in the hallway. Yep, yep, the ones I mentioned at the beginning of this section. As soon as they talked, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep. That continued for like a decent 8-10 mins and then an RA came out and told them not to talk in the hallway.

I was so pissed at that time but I wouldn’t do anything. I remember the time they were arguing with the RA and I surely know what would happen if I went out to stop them?

I left a note on the board the next day and as to now, my friend told me that the part on my note about respect was scratched off by some people. My marker is not dry-erasable, unfortunately.

My thoughts? It’s our responsibility to keep this as good a community as we can. If you can do something that won’t affect other people’s life, do that. We don’t know about other’s life. The best we can do is to keep everything to ourselves. You don’t know what they are going through. Simply don’t make yourself a trouble in their already-messed up lives. 

Be back soon about summer.


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