Summer Break, Boring?

To the moping and droning Today is Jun 6. It is special not for me but for millions of students for the exam: Gao Kao. A month ago, I was facing an arduous task too: The Big Final. No accident, the Final is hard. It includes four exams, two analytical paper and one program. Except... Continue Reading →


An old rival

My hometown, Jiang Su, is a large educational province. It not only has millions of students but also has the most difficult College entrance examination (GaoKao). Except that, students are required to take five compulsory subjects including Math and English since secondary school. Compulsory courses mean that Bureau of education considers these courses are useful,... Continue Reading →

My Hometown

Today is 15th, May. Time fleets fast. It’s been nine months since I went to US. I do not miss China but I am interested in finding some changes around my hometown. Unfortunately, because it’s not a long time and the pace of Chinese economic development has decreased a lot in the past few years,... Continue Reading →

Film review

“You are being watched, the government has a secret system. A system that you asked for to keep you safe. A machine that spies on you every hour of every day. You granted it the power to see everything to index, order, and control the lives of ordinary people.” This is the prologue of an... Continue Reading →

It is time to learn how to cook

Before I came to America, I never thought that I would cook one day. Last month, I even laughed at my classmate who is watching cooking video because I am pretty sure that both of us will not have to time cook because it is near the final , not to mention washing dirt plates... Continue Reading →

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