Finding My Cure #2018SmallTalk

I feel like a failure of everything, sometimes. I criticize myself often enough that I am constantly not doing well. There were times when I just roam around in wherever I live and relive bad feelings I've had. I seem to have a good memory for unhappy things that have happened to me and my... Continue Reading →


Daylight Savings Day is A New Start #2018SmallTalk

Daylight Savings Day is fantastic. I know a lot of people hate the daylight savings day in spring cuz they will be getting one hour less of sleep. But the thing is, so many of them take it as a three-hour daylight savings haha. After daylight savings, we all get up later, cuz we are... Continue Reading →

Spring Break, Time to Rest

Spring break rolls around. Now I'm finally done with my first round of midterms, I am ready to welcome spring break. Wow, big time. I have so many things I want to accomplish in these 10 days but we will see how that works out. Rest Honestly, I just didn't feel ready when I started... Continue Reading →

m.g.f. – averse mentality in P

It's funny how much I dislike some things back when I was studying for some exams. I like to understand formulas and derive all of them instead of just remember them. I'm not a memorization person. I posted something last June in twitter when I was studying for FM like this: For those of you... Continue Reading →

Always be grateful #2018SmallTalk

At the first couple weeks of every year, I would tend to write the date wrong. This happens more often when my favorite year has just passed by. With that being said, it happened only twice so far in 2018 (cuz I really did not like 2017). But you don't just live a year learning... Continue Reading →

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