Gardening // Summer

When I was little, I always was happy thinking about one day picking fruits from big trees. Apples, pears, oranges, cherries. Those are fascinating. I absolutely love every show about planting fruits. I never had a chance of a big garden cuz we don't have a backyard. When we moved to the new condo, very... Continue Reading →


I made it!

I made it. I took my exam yesterday and guess what, I passed!! Over last week, I have been stressing out and panicking about my exam. Focusing on work has also gotten harder since I am constantly worried about my exam. But I did it! Now it's over and I finished cleaning up the mess... Continue Reading →

Reflecting two weeks of work

While I am listening to Christina Aguilera's new album, I am in a chill mood to shop for plants to grow at home and writing about my reflection about two weeks of work. It has been good. I like my project. I am not assigned much work to do so I can get really bored... Continue Reading →

Welcome back to June

Today is June 10. June is one-third over. My life since June has been busy, in a good way. Working and studying. Those are fun. They make you learn a lot. I was complaining a lot about not concentrating after classes ended. It has been a big problem for me over the year, mainly last... Continue Reading →

Finding Little Details

Now this semester finally comes to a wrap. I looked at the photos I took this semester. Not surprisingly, there aren't many cuz I stayed in rochester for the whole semester. (Yes, including 10-day long spring break). I know I've always claimed that life is rough and it tends to get rougher. Today I am... Continue Reading →

Another Semester

If you ask me, college is clearly getting harder and harder with every semester pushes me further and further away from independence - the ability to spend time not on course work. I enjoy course work but when it gets to certain level, it throws you off your guard. You feel devoured by the amount... Continue Reading →

Let suitcase backpack be a popular trend.

I wish one day in the near future, "suitcase backpack" becomes a popular treed. Picturing: When you walk on campus, no one is carrying a heavy backpack on their shoulders. No one needs to carry extra books on the hand because the backpack would be intolerably heavy if put in. But that's not always the... Continue Reading →

Little things that pique me #2018SmallTalk

I would describe myself as irritable. Little things can destroy my whole day. You just don't know are these little things all unconnected or are they leading to something more horrible. In the morning I went to check on my factory, since demand skyrocketed and stayed at the peak for the whole night, 8 hours,... Continue Reading →

Finding My Cure #2018SmallTalk

I feel like a failure of everything, sometimes. I criticize myself often enough that I am constantly not doing well. There were times when I just roam around in wherever I live and relive bad feelings I've had. I seem to have a good memory for unhappy things that have happened to me and my... Continue Reading →

Spring Break, Time to Rest

Spring break rolls around. Now I'm finally done with my first round of midterms, I am ready to welcome spring break. Wow, big time. I have so many things I want to accomplish in these 10 days but we will see how that works out. Rest Honestly, I just didn't feel ready when I started... Continue Reading →

m.g.f. – averse mentality in P

It's funny how much I dislike some things back when I was studying for some exams. I like to understand formulas and derive all of them instead of just remember them. I'm not a memorization person. I posted something last June in twitter when I was studying for FM like this: For those of you... Continue Reading →

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