Not Everyone Can Afford A Sleepless Night

Yesterday, I moved. This summer has been crazy for me, not in a sense of not happy but in a sense of busy and enriched living. Moving was tough not only physically but also emotionally. My summer room is so far by my favorite room among the three I had lived in. I imagined the... Continue Reading →

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Physics Lab is Truly Redundant

I posted exactly a month ago about the course I am taking right now. It's a physics course which happens to be a prerequisite of my major. (it doesn't make sense but i've already gotten so far so it doesn't matter to me now.) At first, I was worried sick about the course since ever... Continue Reading →

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Prequel – to the efficiency post

It's all because of a conversation and a post. I have the habit of reading the New Oriental WeChat account post every evening around dinner time. Most of the posts are talking about life, habits, study. I enjoy reading the advice and stories in the articles. That afternoon, I messaged a friend who's at home.... Continue Reading →

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How to Study More Efficiently?

How many of you have read tons of post about efficiency and time saving? How many of you have downloaded some efficiency apps and tried to regulate yourself based on that? How many of you have tried and failed? I am one of you. I've only tried too many times to force myself to become... Continue Reading →

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Life is a mixture of opinions

Comme d'habitude, I missed the peak of week to blog. I always blog when I am at the pit of my emotions. And today, I do want to talk about why I ended up being at the bottom of my mood. I had a conversation with my parents last night, a long one, but a... Continue Reading →

Are you happy now? Am I?

The truth is, I haven't posted for more than a week and turns out when I finally decide to post, there's again, no topic. Do I really have no topic? I do have topics but I have too many. Life's been way busier than expected. A lot of things are happening around me that I... Continue Reading →

You ready to fight for 6 weeks?

You ready to fight for 6 weeks? I've been asking myself this question ever since I got back. France has been too nice to give me any pressure. Even though I had homework and tests, I was in a break mode. It's been a great month with joy and struggle. I'm sure you guys can... Continue Reading →

There’s always something unexpected.

By schedule, I was supposed to have my wisdom teeth removed this morning but I did not because weird things happened. Based on my own story, I would like to criticize the whole dental care system. Last month, before I left for France, I scheduled an appointment to get my wisdom teeth removed the Monday... Continue Reading →

People need to learn

As you might know, I am leaving today for Paris via Toronto and I will be blogging every day in France. Our professors just updated the syllabus so I am super excited about the trip in France. But before, there is one last blast last night. Or you can say one last bad thing happened... Continue Reading →

Freshman Year Recap

In front of the creature "time", you are as little as you can think of. The very first blog post of my site is SUMMER. I wrote that a few days after I moved in Sue B. I was two months into U.S. then. Right now, at the time I am writing the freshman recap,... Continue Reading →

One-day trip in Ithaca

Post final's relaxation: one-day trip to Ithaca. How can I say that I live in Rochester right now if I do not even know what it's like near Rochester. Well, I got a chance to experience college in Ithaca. I visited the big name, Ivy school, Cornell University. It is a really cool school.

My Hometown

Today is 15th, May. Time fleets fast. It’s been nine months since I went to US. I do not miss China but I am interested in finding some changes around my hometown. Unfortunately, because it’s not a long time and the pace of Chinese economic development has decreased a lot in the past few years,... Continue Reading →

Blogging v.s. Vlogging

blogger since 2011, i genuinely have no idea why I blog about my life once in a while. but vlogging? i need to think about it. maybe i will do some vlog.

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