Afraid to Move on

“Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face.” Throwing back to last December, a month ago, I was panicking about my finals and excited to welcome winter break. Everything was in place, a month ago. However, right now, everything's gone. Spring semester is coming towards me. It's 15th, three days till school starts.... Continue Reading →


Winter Break so far, so good.

You may think just yesterday, I was complaining about life, about home. Today, I am saying so far, so good. What is wrong with me? Don't judge me, just read. I watched a movie, a french one. My primary goal was to do something french but the movie somehow moved me. For the first part... Continue Reading →

Before I go to bed…

Before I go to bed, I have something to think about. Before I go to bed, I need to end the day with a perfect period. Before I got to bed, I want to do a recap of the whole day. But it seems that I don't have a day like I said above. These... Continue Reading →

For an obscure reason

Since New Year starts, I feel depressed every day. What the hell is the effect of a prime number?! I continuously feel I am hurt. New Year's Day, I almost lost my fork, and I did bad in my practice test. Yesterday, I cut myself. Today, my tooth starts hurting and I realize that I... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! It's already Jan 2nd but it still is just the start of the year, 2017. Above is a recollection of my whole 2016. 2016 is a quick and important year. I turned 18, I left home, I went here. I wrote songs, I made videos, I performed. 2016 starts with a trip... Continue Reading →

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