Study Abroad If You Could part two//BEDF 27

In yesterday's part one post, I listed three external reasons about why you should study abroad. Today, we're gonna look into how studying abroad can benefit you as a person. 1. A broader way of seeing problems The worst word in the world is "stereotype." How many of you think all Chinese know Kongfu before... Continue Reading →

Study Abroad If You Could part one//BEDF 26

Since it's approaching the end of the program, I think I should do a two-part post series about why you should study abroad. I will combine both my experience as a full-time UR student and also my experience in France. Including this post, there will only be seven posts left in the project. Fewer than... Continue Reading →

Youtubing Every Day//BEDF 25

If you think I am so lazy that I skipped today's post, you are wrong. I am still here blogging, just a bit late. Je suis en retard. Why would I blog now? Today is friday and we are done with class right after noon. What did I do for the whole afternoon and evening?... Continue Reading →

#tbt Nantes Has A Story to Tell//BEDF 23

Nantes, known for the l'edit de Nantes, is a city close to the river/canal. It plays an important role in the trade of slaves and it's now a great place for tourism. Anyway, hi guys, how's everyone doing? We went to Nantes yesterday as a cultural experience. The famous french religious war was actually officially... Continue Reading →

Exam tomorrow//BEDF 22

Hello everyone, welcome to Blogging Every Day in France! Excited about my adventures in France? Click on the project: Blogging Every Day in France from the main menu to know more about France and my struggles here. I have a really bad way of starting today's post but that's because I am not in a... Continue Reading →

Bac in France V.s. Gaokao in China//BEDF 21

Gaokao ended a few days ago and Bac is about to start in France. I've been reading a lot of posts about Gaokao these days. We have people hating it or loving it. Bac is kind of French Gaokao. People are really stressed out and put a lot of effort in getting good grades. Bac also determines your future education. What's the difference?

I can’t…I simply can’t//BEDF 20

Warning: things in this post is very negative. The author is struggling again in France and this time, the problem is basically unsolvable. If you are really into french life, don't click in because you might be annoyed. I'm definitely not a supporter of french life.

A Different Life Mode//BEDF 19

Whenever I call my parents, they will ask me how do I think about French life. How did I think about French life? Romantic, slow-paced, comfortable, happy.  What about now? Like every culture, French culture has its good things and of course, bad things. There are some aspects I like and also some aspects I... Continue Reading →

Shopping Mall Ought to Have…//BEDF 18

I've become lazier and lazier about blogging. This is usually the last big thing I do every night. Today I got a decent reason: I have tv shows to watch and I have a take-home test due. Since yesterday's excursion, we don't have class today. I studied in the morning and went to the shopping... Continue Reading →

Summer Break, Boring?

To the moping and droning Today is Jun 6. It is special not for me but for millions of students for the exam: Gao Kao. A month ago, I was facing an arduous task too: The Big Final. No accident, the Final is hard. It includes four exams, two analytical paper and one program. Except... Continue Reading →

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