An [aspiring] Actuary’s Misunderstanding #OverheardinRochester

#OverheardinRochester Today I was eating lunch in the pit after getting out of class at 12:20pm. I sat alone in a tiny table and was able to overheard some conversation of the other table near mine. One guy said something like "You should start with C. Learning C is very important. C is a good... Continue Reading →


There are so many ways this could go right, but I picked the one way for it to go wrong. [this is going to be long]

There are so many ways this could go right, but it went right. We heard a lot of that during interviews with celebrities. They take the chance which takes them to success. They could've denied it or ignored it but they grasped it. Quite amazing life stories. But the fact is, we all experience some... Continue Reading →

Always be grateful #2018SmallTalk

At the first couple weeks of every year, I would tend to write the date wrong. This happens more often when my favorite year has just passed by. With that being said, it happened only twice so far in 2018 (cuz I really did not like 2017). But you don't just live a year learning... Continue Reading →

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