Have a plan, share a plan // Reflection 2017

It's the little things that make you think of life, of the beings that surround you and make you either a better or a worse person. I always like to be an early bird, that being said, I get up very early and go to bed early as well. The past few weeks, I took... Continue Reading →


Something must be really wrong if I’m not studying and it’s finals’ week.

Have hope for finals' week. No I don't. They kill everyone. But I'm not studying. Something must be awfully wrong 😦 Is there? I kept saying that 2017 wouldn't be a good year because the first day of the year, my tooth was aching and it has a huge cavity. Throughout the year, it's been... Continue Reading →

Wow, I’ve never seen such a person

Wow, I'm surprised, someone's apparently ignoring and maybe trying to embarrass me. What a person, What a co-worker I have. Last Friday, we agreed on meeting in office today. I was excited cuz we haven't had a meeting in so long and there're a lot of things that need communication and need to be fixed.... Continue Reading →

Ok, this is too much

Ok, this is too much. I have an exam tomorrow and I'm sitting in my room, writing a blog post. Well, am I done reviewing my notes? Have I memorized those eight vector space axioms, seventeen big theorems plus all the corollaries? Uh... Not yet... but I'm trying... Ok, this is too much! I had... Continue Reading →

Hello, after a while

It's scary to think about how fast time flies and how far away I've gone since the first day of class this semester. It's been more than a month and I barely blogged. I always convince myself that I will blog when I have time and I never think that I have time. How crazy... Continue Reading →

What am I panicking about?

Second week into the semester. Wasn't very bad, wasn't perfect. Still a long way to go before the semester ends. What am I panicking about? Am I terrified of some courses? Yes I am. The answer to the last question. I'm extremely terrified of one course. Now I remember last semester after the first lecture... Continue Reading →

Summer Session Ends a Chapter

Summer session ends a chapter and I will tell you if it's a good one or not. For god knows how many times during summer, I said that please, let summer be over. I deemed myself very busy, handling different things at the same time. But the stress has only started to build after summer.... Continue Reading →

What do I think about the change?

I've been working as a volunteer for orientation since last Wednesday. During our training, one of the most important points they addressed is not how we should behave, but how we should call those incoming students. The term freshman is gone. First-year students is the new terminology.  Do I like it? You could imagine that... Continue Reading →

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