There’s always something unexpected.

By schedule, I was supposed to have my wisdom teeth removed this morning but I did not because weird things happened. Based on my own story, I would like to criticize the whole dental care system. Last month, before I left for France, I scheduled an appointment to get my wisdom teeth removed the Monday... Continue Reading →


A Post That I Almost Forgot//BEDF 28

I literally almost forgot about this post tonight. I am not in a good mood today, for the whole day, not only because I did not get a nice grade in both the exam and take home test(I mean, I did fine), but also because the weather is not nice enough. Since Sunday, the weather... Continue Reading →

Study Abroad If You Could part two//BEDF 27

In yesterday's part one post, I listed three external reasons about why you should study abroad. Today, we're gonna look into how studying abroad can benefit you as a person. 1. A broader way of seeing problems The worst word in the world is "stereotype." How many of you think all Chinese know Kongfu before... Continue Reading →

Study Abroad If You Could part one//BEDF 26

Since it's approaching the end of the program, I think I should do a two-part post series about why you should study abroad. I will combine both my experience as a full-time UR student and also my experience in France. Including this post, there will only be seven posts left in the project. Fewer than... Continue Reading →

Youtubing Every Day//BEDF 25

If you think I am so lazy that I skipped today's post, you are wrong. I am still here blogging, just a bit late. Je suis en retard. Why would I blog now? Today is friday and we are done with class right after noon. What did I do for the whole afternoon and evening?... Continue Reading →

#tbt Nantes Has A Story to Tell//BEDF 23

Nantes, known for the l'edit de Nantes, is a city close to the river/canal. It plays an important role in the trade of slaves and it's now a great place for tourism. Anyway, hi guys, how's everyone doing? We went to Nantes yesterday as a cultural experience. The famous french religious war was actually officially... Continue Reading →

Exam tomorrow//BEDF 22

Hello everyone, welcome to Blogging Every Day in France! Excited about my adventures in France? Click on the project: Blogging Every Day in France from the main menu to know more about France and my struggles here. I have a really bad way of starting today's post but that's because I am not in a... Continue Reading →

Bac in France V.s. Gaokao in China//BEDF 21

Gaokao ended a few days ago and Bac is about to start in France. I've been reading a lot of posts about Gaokao these days. We have people hating it or loving it. Bac is kind of French Gaokao. People are really stressed out and put a lot of effort in getting good grades. Bac also determines your future education. What's the difference?

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