Clifton Chronicles

Only Time Will Tell:

Q: Who is Harry’s father?

A: For the most part of the book, Harry Clifton is the boy of Arthur Clifton. However, with the development of the book, Maisie confessed the things she’ve done and admitted that Harry may not be the child of Arthur Clifton.

So what should we do to figure out the identity of Harry’s father?

The most reliable one is definitely the DNA. But seems like the technology is not that up-to-date in early twentieth century. But expression of gene will not lie. Color-blindness is a family disease that has bothered Barrington family for generations. Arthur Clifton was not color-blind but Harry Clifton is. This strengthened the possibility that Hugo Barrington is his father.

However, through basic biology knowledge, we all know boys are more likely to have color-blindness than girls do. As long as we see in the book, Emma, who is 100% the biological daughter of Elizabeth and Hugo Barrington, does not suffer from color-blindness. One thing we need to make sure is that if the recessive gene of color-blindness is on chromosome Y or X. As is described in the book, we are aware that it’s not red-green color blindness, the most often one and introduced in the biology textbook. For other kinds of color blindness, we are not familiar with the pattern. If it’s on chromosome Y, every boy of Barrington will suffer from color blindness while girls won’t. However, if it’s on chromosome X, it’s possible that Harry will not have color blindness even if Hugo has it while it’s also possible that Harry will suffer from it even if both of his parents do not express the traits of color blindness.

So although most likely Harry is the son of Hugo Barrington from the DNA analysis, Harry still has a glimpse of hope that his dad is Arthur, as he always believed.

The second one is the similarity between dad and son. Sadly, nobody mentioned that in the first book. At the same time, nobody mentioned his similarity with his so-called father Arthur Clifton. Well, they do not need to know if Maisie is legally married to Arthur. One thing they can think about is that Harry is really good at singing. It’s his voice that got him choral scholarship and saved him from Merriwood Elementary School. Such a music talent must be born with. He never accepted any form of voice training and I believe Maisie did not sing to Harry every night before he went to bed. So if they can somehow figure out who has more of this kind of music talent, Arthur or Hugo, they can has a vague idea of who his father would be.

But still, it’s not definite. Some kids born with music talent do not have parents that are good at singing. You can never tell what a kid would be after two chromosomes combine with each other. Even if they found something similar between Harry and Hugo, they cannot confirm Hugo is his father. “They think they are alike” is a subjective reflection. It is not reliable testimony.

The third one is about the kid of Emma and Harry, Sebastian. Before Emma and Harry’s wedding ceremony, they’ve been having sexual relationships and Emma became pregnant. In the second book: the sins of the fathers, Emma has given birth to their kid. However, as far as I know, the kid is very normal and healthy. As is known to all, if two people who are genetically related have a kid, it’s very common that they may have some serious disease. But that is not all the case. It’s just a bigger chance for kids to have disease but not absolute. And since I’ve read the fourth book “Be Careful What You Wish For”(I know I spoiled it for you guys, don’t fret.), I am pretty sure Sebastian is a healthy and good. So it’s just confuses me about how Emma and Harry got married legally if they are actually siblings.

Q: Why would Harry try to be Tom Bradshaw?

A: I was shocked when I saw that Harry becomes Tom Bradshaw. I never knew he would make such a decision. He said that becoming Tom Bradshaw could save them a lot of trouble. Emma would know Harry’s dead and Hugo Barrington will finally relieve. He knew how hard it would be for Emma and his mother, friends to accept the fact that Harry Clifton’s dead. But only if Emma knew he’s dead, she would let it go and open her heart for a better man.

The thing that does not make sense is that Harry Clifton, writing a letter to his mother with the name Tom Bradshaw, had no idea his mother cannot read. As her son, he should be more than aware of that. His father, Arthur is dead a long time ago. Throughout the lifetime, it was his mother who raised him and really close to him. There’s no way he could not know the fact that his mom cannot read. Then, because Maisie is the grandma of Sebastian, Emma could definitely visit her from time to time and will definitely discover that letter. In an era which communication is letter-based, it won’t take long before Emma recognizes the handwriting and finds out where Harry is. The writer is not smart in this part, but I could not think of a better way to be honest.

Q: Why finally it’s Sir Giles but not Sir Harry?

A: We all know that it is a really tough decision to make. The decision extends from the end of the second book to a decent amount of third book. The issue, after all, comes back to the top question of the first book. Is Harry Hugo’s son or not?

I mean, like I said before, it is a difficult question to answer. DNA test is not available at that time and color-blindness cannot explain anything. Although they did the blood group test, the match of blood group cannot make the final call.

This all comes down to emotions, to which choice would be better for both of the sides.

From Harry’s side, he definitely does not want to accept this position not only because he has no interesting in shipping industry but also because if he becomes Sir Harry, he would not be able to marry Emma according to the law. Let alone the young Sebastian. Also, this decision may well inform Giles that because of the affair outside the marriage, his status is replaced by an illegal kid.

From Giles’s side, if he inherits the company from his legal and biological father, Hugo, he will not, at least, exclude the decision. He is willing to be named Sir Giles Barrington but he does not really care if he owns the company or not. Harry and him are best friends since   the time in St. Bedes. He’s not desired to get the position but if he gets it, he accepts it and Harry will be allowed to marry the woman he loved so many years, Emma.

Considering the perspectives from both sides, Lord Chancellor comes down to Sir Giles, which definitely pleased all of them and stopped all those media and journalists from talking about the affair between Hugo Barrington and Maisie Clifton. If I were to make the call, I would choose Giles as well just because I want to see Harry and Emma married happily and legally.

Q: Who killed Jessica?


Q: What to expect from the May Flower? What could be in it?

A: In the end of the sixth book, Emma was notified that the time has come for May Flower to be torn down. May Flower has a long history, it was built at the time when Harry’s not even in school. The ship is only mentioned a few times in the whole series but that does mean a lot to the protagonists.

Harry’s father Arthur Clifton was claimed dead inside when he was working. Hugo Barrington, the person in charge of the construction, well ignored the notice from Stanley, the brother-in-law of Arthur Clifton.

What’s gonna be inside would be the most scary question. If the body was found, it will look scary but that will be a relief for everyone because at least they know the reason why Arthur is dead. But if there’s nothing side the May Flower, it may well become a mystery of how arthur died or where is he if he is still alive.

It’s been a really long since that incident happened so even if Arthur’s body is found inside, there will be no impact to the kids. Emma and Harry are both in their 50s at that time and have been together for more than 30 years. So it will not be a problem for them especially they are all aware that Hugo could well be the killer of Arthur.

Through the last volume of the series, Emma told Harry that Arthur left a note inside saying that Stanley is right. He is trapped down there to death solely because of the ignorance of Hugo Barrington. But is this true? Will there be a chance that Emma just kept a secret from Harry?

Emma told the workers that if there’s something down there, they should give Arthur a Christian burial, but if there’s nothing inside, it is a secret they will all keep to death. Could it be possible that Emma’s been lying. After all, Harry did not see them working. Anyway, we won’t be able to know.

Q: Who did Jessica Clifton get her talent from?

A: When I say Jessica Clifton, I mean, the Jessica of Sebastian and Samantha. Similar to Jessica Clifton, the half-sister of Emma Clifton, Sebastian’s Jessica is also very talented and won a lot of prizes just Emma’s Jessica did. So in which way is Sebastian’s Jessica related to Emma’s Jessica?

(Given Harry is not the kid of Hugo Barrington) The following analysis is basically biology stuff. Jessica Smith(original name) was 1/2 Hugo Barrington. Emma was 1/2 Hugo Barrington while Harry was a outsider. So Sebastian turns to be 1/4 Hugo Barrington. Jessica Smith is really talented but it’s highly possible she got the talent from her mother. So does Jessica Clifton, it does not seem like Sebastian, Emma, Hugo, Harry are so talented. But Samantha, the mother of Jessica Clifton, is an art history major and always wants to work in the arts direction even though she does not. So it’s highly possible Samantha is the one who passed the gene to Jessica Clifton.


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